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Sept 25-27, 2019:Exhibit Intertextile Shanghai

2019.9.25-27 中国国际纺织面料及辅料(秋冬)博览会參展

Sept 17-19, 2019:Exhibit Première Vision Paris

2019.9.17-19 巴黎PREMIERE VISION国际面料展参展

Sept 14, 2019:Revamped open of Corporate website

2019.9.14  株式会社日东钮釦的官方网站全新改版


“Introduce Japanese Sensitivity to the world.”
We have been producing safe and reliable products for 70 years since the establishment.
With high technology based in Japan, we produce items not just functional and fashionable, but also help to reach sustainable goals at the same time.
We will be building Nitto Button brand with production and sensitivity correspond to the change of global environment and social demand.


New ECO Brand Products

Bagasse Button
Bagasse is the fiber that remains after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juice. The amount of bagasse emitted in one year is about 100 million tons worldwide. We have replaced portion of the material with bagasse and produce is “Bagasse Button” . It is also certified as “30% Biomass rate” . (BIO30 for BG-Scotch)

Bagasse Button
並以「BAGASSE BUTTON」為名提供給廣大的客戶。
並取得「BIOMASS (生物物質)成份比例30%以上」的認證。(BIO30 FOR BG-SCOTCH)

Amino Button
It was developed to improve hot water resistance of urea resin. It used bagasse as filler and keeps feeling of Scotch Buttons. At the same time, it passes one of the laundries evaluation “F-3 Testing” . This button is also certified as “30% Biomass rate” . It is a hybrid button with the combination of hot water resistance and eco-friendliness. (BIO30 for BG-Amino)

本公司為改良尿素樹脂的耐熱水性為目的,而研發的產品。除了添加了甘蔗渣(BAGASSE)外,維持了本公司深受廣大客戶愛戴的「SCOTCH BUTTON」系列的質感,且通過了洗衣評估測式之一「F-3」的耐洗滌試驗。
並取得「BIOMASS (生物物質)成份比例30%以上」的認證,為兼備耐熱水性與環保特點的混合型鈕釦(BIO30 FOR BG-AMINO)

Scotch Button
The name of our representative brand made from urea resin. It pursues sensitive mottling and colors of natural horns and can be produced with inexpensive price. All of buttons made from urea resin are certified as “30% Biomass rate” conforming to the standard of Japan Organics Recycling Association. (BIO30 for Scotch) *Biomass rate indicates how much biomass (plant-based) is included in one product. The higher it is, it has more effect on reducing CO2.

Scotch Button
本公司所有的Scotch Button都根據日本有機資源協會的規定取得「BIOMASS (生物物質)成份比例30%以上」的認證。(BIO30 FOR SCOTCH)

Polyester Products

Unicorn Button
Utilizing transparency and fluidity, which are the features of polyester, we develop unique manufacturing technology to form natural designs that are different from urea resin. It gets favorable reviews for ladies’ wears and men’ s casual wears.


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